Features encapsulate the multidimensional

Encapsulation – a conclusion of small quantities of substances or materials into the shell to produce capsules with desired properties. The shell protects the material inside the capsule from the action of the environment, provides a precise dosage of the substances to mask the odor, color, taste, reduce volatility, toxicity, flammability, etc. These capsules predominance over other types of packaging make it possible to extend the scope of this innovation.

Thanks to the efforts of advanced technology, the principle of encapsulation gets new capabilities and applications. In particular, the

– Encapsulation in the food industry – is getting new food forms of traditional foods: ketchup, sauces, mayonnaise, mustard, jam, honey, milk in capsules, thermally stable to further their use as fillers in flavoring foods such as sausages, cheeses, yogurts and etc.

– Encapsulation of medicine – is the creation of capsules for the delivery of the necessary components to the medical authorities – targets (eg, pancreas, small, large intestine, etc.)

– Encapsulation of Microbiology – it’s getting capsular form of the immobilized microorganisms (probiotics bifidus, etc.), living cells, drugs.