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1. The following can be capsulated: 




-colloidal solutions.


2. Capsules:

-have the spherical geometrical shape;

-are 1.5 to 10.0 mm in diameter;

-can be coated with various glazes and membranes (chocolate, caramel, etc.)

-can stand up to severe mechanical effects;

-can stand up to thermal effects (pasteurization);

-can interact with neither encapsulated substance, nor food substance, into which they are introduced;

-ensure complete safety of encapsulated substance;

-are characterized by long shelf life.


3. Capsule types:   

-single-layered capsules;

-multilayer capsules (each membrane has its own properties);

-‘capsule-in-gel’ model.


 4. Scope of use:   

-food-processing industry;

-pharmaceutical industry;

-chemical industry;

-textile industry;


-animal husbandry;