1. The following can be capsulated:
– colloidal solutions.

2. Capsules:
– have the spherical geometrical shape;
-are 1.5 to 10.0 mm in diameter;
-can be coated with various glazes and membranes (chocolate, caramel, etc.)
-can stand up to severe mechanical effects;

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Analogue of sturgeon and salmon roe

Technology for production of an analogue of sturgeon and salmon roe with capsular structure on the basis of sodium alginate.


1.Background of research

The technical result consists in production of an analogue of sturgeon and salmon caviar, with such analogue being as similar as possible to natural caviar in view of its organoleptical and structurally-mechanical characteristics as well as technological properties,

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Middle Eastern cuisine

We should also mention the technologies used in Eastern cuisine, which we borrowed from Israeli experts for many years engaged in the production of such popular products in the East, as Hummus and Thinh, as well as other Mediterranean snacks, sauces and salads.

Thus, we use the most modern production technologies and technical solutions.the most modern production technology and technical solutions.
Our team is based a number of companies successfully operating for a long time and in several

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