Capsule form of probiotic microorganisms

Encapsulation of probiotics

Humanity’s time to think about protecting and preserving your health! Currently, there are many factors that weaken estesstvenno protective barriers of the human body. Despite advances in modern medicine, the body does not become stronger, on the contrary, under the influence of ever-increasing loads, it always adaptive capacity decreases and the process continues on and on. There is a growing sensitivity to infections, expands on the number of chronic diseases, deteriorating immune deficiency, anemia, vitamin deficiencies. So now particularly acute problem of food quality and nutrition.

In the gastro – intestinal tract of man, there are billions of microorganisms that stimulate immune cells, supports immunity, promote digestion, perform a protective function against pathogens and parasites. But apart from pathogenic (harmful) bacteria that are harmful in the body there is a surprising number of beneficial bacteria. These bacteria are called probiotics, which in Greek means “Life.” Probiotics help to overcome the imbalance between the beneficial and harmful bacteria, which occurs as a result of stress, poor nutrition, our bad habits, uncontrolled use of antibiotics. All these factors adversely affect the flora and there is a need for ongoing prevention mikrobiotsenoza gastrointestinal tract.

Regular consumption of functional food products with given probiotic properties (especially foods that contain beneficial bifidobacteria and lactobacilli) reduce the risk of disease. Use of probiotic milk products reduces the risk of cancer and promotes the excretion of toxic substances from the body.

But the effectiveness of these products is low due to gastric barrier estesstvenno body. To effective probiotic products need to have passed through the stomach enough bacteria. After contact with probiotic microorganisms in the stomach at the bottom affect hydrochloric acid and various enzymes found in gastric juice, and an aggressive act against bacteria.

To solve the problem of transport through the stomach and intestinal delivery area required number of probiotic bacteria suggested the use of technology, encapsulation of probiotics, which aims to increase the bioavailability of therapeutic and medical – prophylactic drugs probiotic microorganisms and reduce the risk of adverse reactions. The capsules possess thermostable properties, are resistant to acidic environments and pepsin, fever, changes in pressure and increase the protection, in terms of treatment, the encapsulated substances. The internals of the capsules is a hydrophilic substance and / or aqueous suspension, and / or dispersion of probiotic microorganisms in an effective amount. Encapsulation of probiotics is more effective manifestation of the complex biological, pharmacological, prophylactic or therapeutic properties of the encapsulated substance in the body – the target. The capsules, which contain a sufficient number of active substances encapsulated, protected by a shell and can be estimated time in different pH environments.

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