Production of artificial roe

Imitation black and red caviar.
What is an “imitation caviar” and why is encapsulated in this process – a serious issue today?

The usefulness of the eggs are legendary. Medical believes its most valuable food.

But unfortunately, not a comforting is the fact that a significant reduction in commercial sturgeon and salmon fish, due to the influence of anthropogenic factors, abuse, breeding and feeding of fish, unsustainable economic activities, environmental degradation. These problems are present and are prerequisites for the development of an analogue of eggs, which deserves to be considered as an alternative to natural calf, not as a separate segment of the simulated output. Therefore, gourmet, it pleases, plus caviar this price, all is permissible.

Technology for producing an analog sturgeon and salmon fish species with capsular structure is based on the sodium alginate. The technical result of the technology is ready to use product, as close to natural eggs on appropriate organoleptic, structural – mechanical, technological properties, security and stability during storage. The final product of this technology has a capsular structure, thermally stable, allowing its heat treatment, has high microbiological stability and long-term storage. This product has a high nutritional value and low production costs through the use of available raw materials and a simplified process. One of the key technologies for analog stages are the formation of egg capsules and heat treatment at a temperature and for a specified time for receiving stable product, extruding the introduction of internal capsules in forming a shell environment. The technology developed by 100% and ready for commercial deployment. Practical implementation of technologies based on the results of basic research and the development of fundamentally new ways to encapsulate the principles of ionotropic gelation and allows you to implement in analog production sturgeon and salmon species.