Middle Eastern cuisine

We should also mention the technologies used in Eastern cuisine, which we borrowed from Israeli experts for many years engaged in the production of such popular products in the East, as Hummus and Thinh, as well as other Mediterranean snacks, sauces and salads.

Thus, we use the most modern production technologies and technical solutions.the most modern production technology and technical solutions.
Our team is based a number of companies successfully operating for a long time and in several states through which implemented our production activities, as well as the laboratory, where experiments are designed and used innovative production technology and modern equipment in the field of food, medical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in agriculture. In the general course of business, engaged leading experts and technologists, with academic degrees and years of experience.

                                         About us

A cat has nine lives!



A cat is well aware what she needs to eat in order to be healthy and pretty. She would not eat products that would lead to fat deposition and deprive her of gracefulness. She knows exactly what gives strength and energy to herself.
A cat has nine lives, because she chooses wholesome healthy food.
Let us take a leaf out of her book and choose health by determining a list of consumed products.
The mission of “ 9 LIVES “ GROUP consists in its contribution in improvement of this world by creating, introducing and developing healthy food technologies, that is technologies and equipment allowing healthy products to be produced, in particular fast food products, so-called ‘healthful fast food’, as well as other technologies in the field of medicine, agriculture, etc.



Our team has founded a number of businesses that are successfully operating in several countries for a long time. Our industrial activities are carried out through such businesses. Also, we have set up laboratories where innovative production technologies and state-of-the-art foodstuff, medical, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries’ equipment are developed and experimentally applied. Leading experts and process engineers possessing academic degrees and long-term experience are engaged in this general activity process.




1. The following can be capsulated:




-colloidal solutions.

2. Capsules:

-have the spherical geometrical shape;

-are 1.5 to 10.0 mm in diameter;

-can be coated with various glazes and membranes (chocolate, caramel, etc.)

-can stand up to severe mechanical effects;

-can stand up to thermal effects (pasteurization);

-can interact with neither encapsulated substance, nor food substance, into which they are introduced;

-ensure complete safety of encapsulated substance;

-are characterized by long shelf life.

3. Capsule types:

-single-layered capsules;

-multilayer capsules (each membrane has its own properties);

-‘capsule-in-gel’ model.

4. Scope of use:

-food-processing industry;

-pharmaceutical industry;

-chemical industry;

-textile industry;


-animal husbandry;